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What Clients Say

"...Its core competencies are the fields of trade financing including guarantees, standby- and/or letters of credit and warranties truly professional."


We provides financing for alternative energy and commercial real
estate projects. What you can benefit from doing business with us..

  • We are not brokers, we work for a large, direct lender,
  • We won’t waste your time–if we can’t do your deal, we’ll tell you so;
  • We will do our best to get you funded, quickly and professionally.


RSI BANK PLC offers to its shareholders products and services only in the field as below

  • E- Credit and Secure Credit Account
  • Any type of guarantees and warranties,
  • Standby letters of credit,
  • Documentary letters of credit
  • Project Funding
  • Credit and Debit Card


RSI BANK PLC is English incorporated with its registered office in 124 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TY. We are a UK Credit and Financial Institution registered with Financial Conduct Authority with Firm Reference Number 602245. RSI Bank Plc consumer credit products licensed and regulated by Office of Fair Trading.

RSI Bank Plc is dealing with trade finance specialist with an established reputation as a dynamic and customer-driven provider of trade finance solution to corporate and individuals worldwide. Through its strong correspondent network and international offices located across the globe, RSI Bank offers a unique environment in which trade finance opportunities are identified, innovatively structured and successfully executed. Its core competencies are the fields of trade financing including guarantees, standby- and/or letters of credit and warranties.

Lean-efficient organization, high mobility, core competence, absolute confidentiality and secrecy as well as the option of offering services from distant places makes RSI Bank Plc a worthwhile partner both for business people and companies and in particular for private solutions.

Innovation and tradition – we have always successfully combined both principles in our work. Since its foundation in 2009 the RSI Bank Plc has always further advanced progress – we are open to new developments in the worlds of credit and trade finance, open to progressive ideas and projects and are of course always keen to hear about new financial models. More about us..